Real Estate Business Planning Guide by Cheri Alguire | Cheri Alguire's Real Estate Business Planning Guide for Realtors, Managers and Real Estate Professionals

Real Estate Business Planning Guide by Cheri Alguire | Cheri Alguire's Real Estate Business Planning Guide for Realtors, Managers and Real Estate Professionals

Cheri Alguire's Real Estate Business Planning Guide for Realtors, Managers and Real Estate Professionals

A 17 Part e-Course custom designed for motivated Real Estate Agents and Managers who want to take their business and life to the next level.

Cheri Alguire's Real Estate Business Planning GuideFind out for yourself why Realtors® and Managers across the nation have been using the Cheri Alguire system and growing their businesses far beyond their expectations... year after year after year.

"Five years? How could I possibly look so far into an unknown future? Who could make a plan not knowing what is going to happen?"

Well, whether you realize it or not, the next five years will be a blur and when you get there you will either be asking yourself where the time went and bemoaning that you just didn't have the time to accomplish anything, or you can smile into the mirror with the realization that you took the time to plan out where you wanted to be and not only arrived there, but far surpassed your wildest imagination.

It can be done!

Cheri Alguire's Five Year Business and Life Planning Guide was developed by proven Real Estate Coach Cheri Alguire in response to the needs of many agents and small real estate business owners like you who have been awed by what they perceive as a near impossible task...but it isn't!

The power of planning is incredible. It all starts with a far-out unattainable dream. Then simply add in the baby steps it will take along the way and you're almost there.

Real Estate is a difficult market, but it can be fruitful if you take full advantage of it and utilize every method within your reach to maximize your potential.

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To get where you want to be, you need to ask yourself these basic questions:
  1. Where am I now?
  2. Where do I see myself in five years?
  3. How do I bridge that gap?

You can take control of your Real Estate Business even if it seems out of control right now. Sometimes it seems like the market changes and drops and you can't foresee where your business is going to be or what moves it's going to make. The only way to take control of your business and life is with proper business planning. Grab the harnesses and lead the Real Estate Market, don't wait for it to lead you!

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Cheri Alguire's Real Estate Business Planning Guide

Goal Setting

The Real Estate Business Planning Guide concentrates largely upon clarifying your goals for your business and your life. Once you have written out and clearly stated your goals, she will ensure that you are being kept accountable for reaching these goals.

Action Plans will be created by which you pro-actively move towards your goals. You can't just sit and wait for your goals to come to you. You have to take steps that will bring your goals to you. Cheri Alguire shows you the best methods and tools of getting closer and closer to your goals every day.


Is your business' budget in line with your goals? Where are you using your dollars for marketing? Is it working? Are you getting the best return on your investment (ROI)?

You will create a clear breakdown of all of your business dollars spent in the last year, and then you will evaluate where you are spending the most money and whether or not it is worth it. Cheri will advise you and help you make informed decisions about where your money should be spent and where it will give you the highest return on investment.

Wheel of Life

If your life isn't in balance, then your business isn't in balance. Oftentimes, people start business coaching thinking it will only be about business, but then find that changes in their lives occur or need to occur. This is because it is impossible to separate business from life. What happens in your life, whether it's good or bad, will unavoidably affect your business and vice versa.

We can't separate our business from our life. That's why we got into the Real Estate Industry in the first place, because it works with our lives and we're passionate about it. It is our life.

What we can do is learn how to balance the two and ensure that we are not working 90 hours a week and losing sight of our family, partners, or hobbies.

Cheri Alguire takes you through questions and charts in this eCourse that will walk you, step-by-step, through this important and life changing process.

What's an eCourse?

An eCourse is a method of keeping you on track with your Business Plan by sending you pieces of the Real Estate Business Planning Guide at set intervals. These intervals will give you enough time to do your "homework" and plan for your next steps. It is a method of keeping you more accountable than just a book would.

When you purchase your Real Estate Business Planning Guide, you will receive an email confirmation, and then you will receive a new section every three days. Real Estate Business Coach, Cheri Alguire, has used this method with her current and previous coaching clients, and it has proven to be extremely effective in growing their businesses.

The time to design your future is now.

Be bold and get ready to take your business and life to the next level!


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